There is more to life…

It’s the crack of dawn and as a part of a regular practice, I friction my eyes open to read some quotes on this app called ‘Pinterest’, where amidst all the engaging locutions, a set of them caught my attention- “there is so much more to life than finding someone who would want you, or being sad over someone who doesn’t.”

I must admit, this one was of particular interest to me because, much to my dismay, I had been brooding over a broken relationship last year and no! I am not talking about a romantic relationship, but one with my friend from college days. We two were inseparable, we lived in each other’s pockets would be a better way to define the bond we shared. But, as they say, all good things must come to an end” and so did our friendship.

Without spilling the details of our break-up, as I term it ( LOL!! ) I would want you to know that there were no high intensity altercations involved in the process, which was as simple as ‘ I have new set of friends, a new life and a new career to look forward to and hence no time and energy to keep-up with the old ones.’ it could not get more silly than this, but yes! this is exactly what her behavior conveyed, something that would never go down well with a relationship keeper that I am and it did not. As a result of which, I stopped giving my share of time to the friendship which  eventually crumbled.

Post 2

Coming back to the quote that I had read earlier in the morning which further said- “There’s a lot of wonderful time to be spent discovering yourself, you need to fill yourself with love. Not anyone else.” It was this particular part of the quote that made me recall the incident and how much time I had spend sulking over the fact that the friendship was maybe, never that important for her.

How many of us do the same thing on a regular basis?

Grieve over broken hearts, broken friendships and broken commitments…

Only if we could understand, there is so much to more to life than spending it on people who might not value us as much as we value them, it would be much easier for us to live. Often I see people fretting about the recent break-up they had with their romantic partner or like in my case, about an old friend turning his/her back or about somebody not living up to their words of commitment. We should not forget that no two of us are cut from the same cloth, what might be important for us, might not be as important for somebody else.

Life copy

It’s a known fact that expectations are the root cause of all the miseries in life and it stands true in this case as well. Why expect somebody else to be the reason behind your smiles? Why can’t you do it for your own self? You need to fill yourself with love first, before doing it for someone else. You need to become a whole being on your own and not expect somebody else to be around to complete you.

Be your own best friend. You can do that by going on adventures alone, treating yourself over a coffee and a book, spending sometime alone, trying to know your inner self better, working on your own flaws and several other ways which will not require anyone else to be the center of your universe, on the contrary, it will make YOU the center of your own world and trust me when I say- It is not any less beautiful but more… 






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