Old Fashioned Dating – The Man Plans, Picks and Pays!

A girl always dreams of her ‘Knight in Shining Armour’, a gentleman, who will sweep her off her feet and take her to the world of fancy. As romantic and whimsical it may sound, the old fashioned style of fairy tale dating is loosing it’s charm over the new age formula of online meet and greet.


In the era of technology and internet, the classic and by far the most romantic woo code of handwritten letters and likes have been taken over by the casual, platonic modes of expression, which fail to create the same magic as the former. Today, the young brigade finds it easy to hunt a romantic partner on a dating website or application thus, missing out on the charm of falling in love at first site or the charm of constant persuasion.

Guys! no matter which century you belong to, never forget the age old saying, ‘Old is Gold.’ Nothing can match up to the quaint style of seeking help of a wing-man in chasing your love interest and then asking her out on a date. This tried and tested approach is a hit among the girls and guarantees better chances of hearing a ‘Yes’ than several other modern day dating theorems.


The prototypical dating rule book says that a man should never forget the three ‘P’s’ of dating etiquette.

1) Plan :- Never forget to plan the date well ahead of the D-day and spare the woman from taking the initiative. You are the one doing the asking hence, it is your duty to come up with something she will like. If you are not aware of her likes and dislikes, don’t miss out on the opportunity to get the hint or even better, ask her directly. A woman likes being with a man that has a plan. It makes her feel that she can relax and really enjoy herself.

Plan.jpg2) Pick :- ‘A gentleman never keeps a lady waiting.’ Always and I repeat ‘Always’ be on time. Get out of the car, walk to the door and ring the bell. It has become far to common for a person to text or honk, informing the lady that he is waiting for her outside. Most of you do not realize that 30 seconds worth of extra effort in walking up to her apartment can make such a difference and leave a lasting impression.


3. Pay :- This rule might sound absurd in the 21st century where some women will resent the notion that they need to be paid for on a date. However, most of them expect you to pay for most parts of the first one and being a gentleman, you would never want money to be an object of hindrance on your special day. Assume that you have to pay and if she insists on splitting the bill even after you have declined the offer once, then let her. Simple!


Apart from the three must do’s, you should also remember to –

  • Never go empty hand :- It is always a nice gesture to take some flowers or chocolates as a token of affection.
  • Turn the cell phone off :- Being interrupted with regular messages or phone calls can be a real turn-off for both of you.
  • Open the car door for your date :- This one will definitely grab her attention.
  • Make them the priority :- Give her all the attention for the day and she will never fail to acknowledge the effort.
  • Be yourself :- Don’t pretend! Be who you really are and win her over!

Follow the quintessential norms of dating and woo the girl of your dreams in style. If you like the idea, don’t forget to share it with your friends and family. Sharing is caring. You never know, one of them might have a date round the corner.

Wishing you luck


P.S. Images courtesy – Google



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