DIY – Cushion Cover (Liquid Embroidery)

Cover Image.jpg

Heya guys! We are back with another fun DIY tutorial. 

Bored with the usual designs of cushion covers? Follow the simple steps and make one with the design / pattern of your choice.

Material Required

Material Rquired

  • Plain Cushion Cover
  • Embroidery Frame
  • Hobby Idea 3D Outliner (Choose colors that match the color of the cushion cover)

Note :- Draw or trace a design of your choice on the cushion cover, using a pencil (as seen on the cover in the image above)


Step 1

Place the fabric between the embroidery frame, so that it is nice and taut. This is necessary so that the fabric does not pucker, thus making it easier for you to use the 3D outliner on it.

Step 2.jpg

Step 1 – The fabric placed between the embroidery frame

Step 2

Outline the design with the black hobby idea 3D outliner or with any other color of your choice.

Step 3

Step 2 – Outline the design

Step 3 

Fill the design using different colors of the hobby idea 3D outliner. Since we have given the ‘Katha Embroidery’ look to the design, we have filled the empty spaces with small dash pattern (Refer the image below).

Step 4.jpg

Step 3 – Fill the design with different colored 3D outliner


Complete the design following the above mentioned steps and tada! your quick and easy ‘DIY Liquid Embroidery Cushion Cover’ will be ready to add your touch to the ambiance of your living room.

Final 3.jpg

DIY Liquid Embroidery Cushion Cover

Hope you will have fun making this project.



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