Gift Her Some Bling On Valentine’s Day!


‘The season of celebrating love is around the corner and while the season calls for cheer, no one wants to be caught without a gift, and more so, definitely not with the wrong gift for sure!’ – Ms Rupam Singhal (Head of Design – ORRA)

Check out my curated list of impeccable jewelry designs by brands like ORRA, BlueStone, and Gaurika Modi, which will definitely ‘NOT’ be the wrong valentines gift for your special one.

The ‘Sound of Love’ collection by BlueStone is designed to capture the unique sound wave when one says ‘I love You’. The idea behind the collection is to nurture the retreat of every relationship.

Is she a party person? or even otherwise, these remarkable set of diamond earrings by ORRA will be a perfect gift for her, this Valentines day. With this star stud earring, let her know that she is the ‘Shining Star’ of your life and will always be.

Red is the color of the month and of the occasion and that makes this red and gold embellished necklace by Gaurika Modi, an ideal gift for V-day. With this statement necklace, let her know that she is the ‘Love Statement’ of your life.

This earring is a part of BlueStone’s ‘Bloom Collection’, which is full of heart motif earrings, pendants and rings in yellow and rose gold. The jewelry in this collection is studded with diamonds and rubies.

Want to tell her that she is the ‘Most lovable person on Earth’ as she has given immense amount of love in every role that she has played, as a friend, a wife or as a mother ? This heart shaped pendant by ORRA will be the best gift to symbolize all the love back from you to her. A gift that will always be close to her heart, will serve as a reminder that you want to make everyday special just for her.

A semi-precious beaded necklace by Gaurika Modi, is an affordable luxury that will be loved by your special one. The necklace is a perfect fusion of bold bling stones with round beads and metal gold chain.

How about saying ‘I DO’, with this stunning tiara inspired finger ring which forms a part of BlueStone’s ‘Crown Jewelry Collection’, each of which is studded with diamonds and rubies. This finger ring will definitely make her feel like the ‘Queen of your world’.

While Valentines day is just another occasion to celebrate the love for the women in your life. I hope these gifts add to the charm of the event and make it a memory worth cherishing for life.



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DIY – Jewelry Teacup Stand

Fullscreen capture 1302016 24558 PM.bmp.jpg

Heya! All you DIY lovers, check out this cool tutorial on ‘Jewelry Teacup Stand’ by Jessica Rose, founder of the London Jewelry School.

Material Required 


1. 3 different size plates

2. 2 large teacups

3. 1 small teacup

4. Glue gun

5. Pencil


Step 1

Take the large size plate, place one large teacup (upside down) in the center of the plate. Mark around the cup with a pencil, this will serve as a guide at the time when you will glue the cup on to the plate.

Step 1

Step 1 – Marking the guide

Repeat ‘Step 1’ using the medium size plate with the large teacup (upside down) and the small size plate with the small teacup (facing upwards).

Step 2

Now use the glue gun and go all the way round on the rim of the large teacup, as quickly as possible (the glue gun dries really fast) and stick the teacup in the center of the large plate (follow the guide that you had marked in step 1).

Step 2.jpg

Step 2 – Applying glue on the rim of the teacup

Step 2(1).jpg

Step 2 – Sticking the teacup on to the plate

Repeat ‘Step 2’ using the medium size plate with the large teacup and the small size plate with the small teacup.

Step 3

Now stack the joined plates and teacups in the descending order (from large to small). Apply the glue on the base rim of the large teacup and stick  the medium size plate on top.

Step 3.jpg

Step 3 – Applying glue on the base rim of the teacup

Step 3(1).bmp

Step 3 – Sticking the plate on top of the teacup

Repeat ‘Step 3’ using the small size plate and teacup.

Final Step

Gently press each tier of the stand to ensure that they are nicely glued.

Tada! Your DIY jewelry stand is ready…

Jewelry stand.jpg

DIY Jewelry Teacup Stand

Note – You can always play around with the design and style of the stand.

Different style of jewelry stand.jpg

Different style and designs of the Jewelry Stand


A beautiful and unique way to store your jewelry

Hope you will have fun making this project.



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