Guiding Intention That Can Change You And Those Around You…


Often we come across people who sulk over the fact that ‘Most of the events in their life do not turn out to be the way they wish them to or people don’t treat them the right way.’ Seldom do they know that each incident in their life is a manifestation of their own thoughts and intentions. Each event is a creation of their own conscious and sub-conscious mind. 


In the words of Michael Forrester – “Intention is everything. What you experience daily in your life – how you act, what you speak and how you feel affects every human being around you. Once you realize the domino effect created by shining your light on others, it becomes very contagious.”

  • Try to find your own truth – Most of us have blind faith on belief systems that promise to solve our problems or ease our burden, even if they are not based on absolute truth. However, one must understand that wisdom is available only to those who are ready and have the courage to question what they have been taught. Try to find your own truth, no matter how hard it is for you and those around you, to accept your discovery. Never stop seeking the truth.Intention2.jpg


  • Believe anything is possible –  We as humans are nothing but energy and there is infinite potential in that energy. If you believe in yourself i.e. if you believe in the energy that you are, anything and everything is possible. Do not succumb to the limitations created by others and also the ones that you have imposed on yourself. No target is big or small in the eyes of the universe. If you believe that you can achieve it, YOU WILL!!Intention3
  • Serve Others – Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth.’ – Muhammad Ali Nothing can beat the joy one experiences in serving others. Share all that you have in your kitty – Love, care, compassion, knowledge, money and it will bring you happiness, joy, satisfaction, reason to smile and all the other positive energies that exist.  It  is a universal law ‘You get what you put in.‘ Give out happiness and you will receive multiples of it, from all corners of this universe. Intention4.jpg


  • Understand that everything is where it is meant to be – Everything in this universe, emits vibrational frequency and when the frequency that we emit, matches with that emitted by a particular event or person, we attract them in our life. Hence, every event or individual, whether good or bad, crosses our path only when we attract them. At all other times, they are where they are meant to be. Hence, filter through the chaos in your life and that in the world and attract nothing but positive. This can be done by thinking positive all the time and thus, creating positive vibrational frequencies. Intention5.jpg
  • Express gratitude – Count your blessings and be thankful for each of them. Also, express gratitude for each failure that you encounter in your life, for it is a source of learning and growth. Once you have a grateful outlook on life, you will also have increased life satisfaction, happiness, optimism, hope and less of all those emotions perceived as negative.Intention6.jpg


  • Love yourself You can love and admire the beauty around you, only when you can love the beauty that resides within you. Do not seek approval from the outside world, acceptance from others will follow, if you accept yourself first. It is an ongoing self programming activity that you should undertake every second of your life and the change that you will experience will be breathtaking. Intention7.jpg



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3 Valentine’s Day Celebration Venues Across Delhi!

Sticky Toffee Pudding at Londoners.jpg

Two days to go! Wohooo!!

Valentine’s day is round the corner and if you are looking for a romantic dinner venue, to celebrate the day with your loved one. Check out our list of restaurants in Delhi, which are planning some special arrangements and offers for their guests, on the d-day.


A brand new  Londoner’s sparkly new interior, multi-coloured trunks that form the bar, comfy sofas in Union Jack design and an eclectic menu promises to make it a super Valentine’s Day.

At Londoner’s, Squiffy Valentine’s is the theme for the day, ‘squiffy’ is a British word for ‘slightly tipsy’ and that is what they promise to make you, with some super cocktails.

The lavish menu at the Londoners include, special pink sangria with strawberries, a spiked strawberry shake and even a ‘Colour me Pink’ cocktail to choose from, along with some fun pies (Makhani Pie, Veg Pot Pie) and pizzas to indulge in all day.

Colour me Pink cocktail at Londoners.jpg

For those seeking something more elaborate, the charming outdoors decked in candlelight form the perfect environment to indulge in a 4-course dinner where you can choose from a multitude of British and quirky desi delights.


With beautiful red decor, balloons to light up your mood and free love-jars for the first 100 couples (dessert in a jar, filled with chocolate fudge or red velvet), spend Valentine’s Day digging into Hoagies and sharing love jars with your loved ones.

2016_01_26_Pat&Harry 31891 copy.jpg

Inspired by Philadelphia’s concept of fast food and food trucks. Pat N Harry is about two friends (a true story) and their foodie inspiration after a chance of meeting each other in Philadelphia, USA. While not being an international ‘chain’, the concept is in association with three key outlets in Philadelphia including a popular food truck. Launching the Hoagie for the first time in India, along with tacos uniquely created for the Indian foodie, Pat N Harry is open in a chic take-away format with limited seats in Hauz Khas Village.


“Spice Things Up” –  That is the theme they are celebrating – a bit romantic, a bit naughty and extremely charming!

Bronies13 (1).jpg

Be ready to start the celebration with a ‘Spiked Chili Chocolate Shake’, a welcome drink, which will be in sink with the theme for the day.

Chocolate Chilli Shake for V-Day at Bronies.jpg

Follow it with a candle lit dinner, under the sky, with your special one. The restaurant has also made arrangements for a Serenade, who will be there to woo your hearts away, with melodious sufi and classic english numbers. Bronies promises to provide a perfect romantic ambiance for this V-day. 



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Gift Her Some Bling On Valentine’s Day!


‘The season of celebrating love is around the corner and while the season calls for cheer, no one wants to be caught without a gift, and more so, definitely not with the wrong gift for sure!’ – Ms Rupam Singhal (Head of Design – ORRA)

Check out my curated list of impeccable jewelry designs by brands like ORRA, BlueStone, and Gaurika Modi, which will definitely ‘NOT’ be the wrong valentines gift for your special one.

The ‘Sound of Love’ collection by BlueStone is designed to capture the unique sound wave when one says ‘I love You’. The idea behind the collection is to nurture the retreat of every relationship.

Is she a party person? or even otherwise, these remarkable set of diamond earrings by ORRA will be a perfect gift for her, this Valentines day. With this star stud earring, let her know that she is the ‘Shining Star’ of your life and will always be.

Red is the color of the month and of the occasion and that makes this red and gold embellished necklace by Gaurika Modi, an ideal gift for V-day. With this statement necklace, let her know that she is the ‘Love Statement’ of your life.

This earring is a part of BlueStone’s ‘Bloom Collection’, which is full of heart motif earrings, pendants and rings in yellow and rose gold. The jewelry in this collection is studded with diamonds and rubies.

Want to tell her that she is the ‘Most lovable person on Earth’ as she has given immense amount of love in every role that she has played, as a friend, a wife or as a mother ? This heart shaped pendant by ORRA will be the best gift to symbolize all the love back from you to her. A gift that will always be close to her heart, will serve as a reminder that you want to make everyday special just for her.

A semi-precious beaded necklace by Gaurika Modi, is an affordable luxury that will be loved by your special one. The necklace is a perfect fusion of bold bling stones with round beads and metal gold chain.

How about saying ‘I DO’, with this stunning tiara inspired finger ring which forms a part of BlueStone’s ‘Crown Jewelry Collection’, each of which is studded with diamonds and rubies. This finger ring will definitely make her feel like the ‘Queen of your world’.

While Valentines day is just another occasion to celebrate the love for the women in your life. I hope these gifts add to the charm of the event and make it a memory worth cherishing for life.



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10 Most Stylish Looks From The Screen Actors Guild Awards 2016 Red Carpet

The red carpet of the Screen Actors Guild Awards held on 30th January, 2016 was filled with evening gowns. Pick your favorite ensemble from our list of 10 most stylish looks from the evening.

Getty Nicole kidman

Nicole Kidman in Gucci

Brie larson

Brie Larson in Versace


Christina Ricci in Christopher Kane


Kiernan Shipka in Erdem

Emilia Clarke

Emilia Clarke in Christian Dior


Amy Poehler in Stella McCartney


Kate Winslet in Giorgio Armani


Tina Fey in Prabal Gurung


Kate Mara in Valentino


Priyanka Chopra in Monique Lhuillier



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DIY – Cushion Cover (Liquid Embroidery)

Cover Image.jpg

Heya guys! We are back with another fun DIY tutorial. 

Bored with the usual designs of cushion covers? Follow the simple steps and make one with the design / pattern of your choice.

Material Required

Material Rquired

  • Plain Cushion Cover
  • Embroidery Frame
  • Hobby Idea 3D Outliner (Choose colors that match the color of the cushion cover)

Note :- Draw or trace a design of your choice on the cushion cover, using a pencil (as seen on the cover in the image above)


Step 1

Place the fabric between the embroidery frame, so that it is nice and taut. This is necessary so that the fabric does not pucker, thus making it easier for you to use the 3D outliner on it.

Step 2.jpg

Step 1 – The fabric placed between the embroidery frame

Step 2

Outline the design with the black hobby idea 3D outliner or with any other color of your choice.

Step 3

Step 2 – Outline the design

Step 3 

Fill the design using different colors of the hobby idea 3D outliner. Since we have given the ‘Katha Embroidery’ look to the design, we have filled the empty spaces with small dash pattern (Refer the image below).

Step 4.jpg

Step 3 – Fill the design with different colored 3D outliner


Complete the design following the above mentioned steps and tada! your quick and easy ‘DIY Liquid Embroidery Cushion Cover’ will be ready to add your touch to the ambiance of your living room.

Final 3.jpg

DIY Liquid Embroidery Cushion Cover

Hope you will have fun making this project.



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DIY – Jewelry Teacup Stand

Fullscreen capture 1302016 24558 PM.bmp.jpg

Heya! All you DIY lovers, check out this cool tutorial on ‘Jewelry Teacup Stand’ by Jessica Rose, founder of the London Jewelry School.

Material Required 


1. 3 different size plates

2. 2 large teacups

3. 1 small teacup

4. Glue gun

5. Pencil


Step 1

Take the large size plate, place one large teacup (upside down) in the center of the plate. Mark around the cup with a pencil, this will serve as a guide at the time when you will glue the cup on to the plate.

Step 1

Step 1 – Marking the guide

Repeat ‘Step 1’ using the medium size plate with the large teacup (upside down) and the small size plate with the small teacup (facing upwards).

Step 2

Now use the glue gun and go all the way round on the rim of the large teacup, as quickly as possible (the glue gun dries really fast) and stick the teacup in the center of the large plate (follow the guide that you had marked in step 1).

Step 2.jpg

Step 2 – Applying glue on the rim of the teacup

Step 2(1).jpg

Step 2 – Sticking the teacup on to the plate

Repeat ‘Step 2’ using the medium size plate with the large teacup and the small size plate with the small teacup.

Step 3

Now stack the joined plates and teacups in the descending order (from large to small). Apply the glue on the base rim of the large teacup and stick  the medium size plate on top.

Step 3.jpg

Step 3 – Applying glue on the base rim of the teacup

Step 3(1).bmp

Step 3 – Sticking the plate on top of the teacup

Repeat ‘Step 3’ using the small size plate and teacup.

Final Step

Gently press each tier of the stand to ensure that they are nicely glued.

Tada! Your DIY jewelry stand is ready…

Jewelry stand.jpg

DIY Jewelry Teacup Stand

Note – You can always play around with the design and style of the stand.

Different style of jewelry stand.jpg

Different style and designs of the Jewelry Stand


A beautiful and unique way to store your jewelry

Hope you will have fun making this project.



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Old Fashioned Dating – The Man Plans, Picks and Pays!

A girl always dreams of her ‘Knight in Shining Armour’, a gentleman, who will sweep her off her feet and take her to the world of fancy. As romantic and whimsical it may sound, the old fashioned style of fairy tale dating is loosing it’s charm over the new age formula of online meet and greet.


In the era of technology and internet, the classic and by far the most romantic woo code of handwritten letters and likes have been taken over by the casual, platonic modes of expression, which fail to create the same magic as the former. Today, the young brigade finds it easy to hunt a romantic partner on a dating website or application thus, missing out on the charm of falling in love at first site or the charm of constant persuasion.

Guys! no matter which century you belong to, never forget the age old saying, ‘Old is Gold.’ Nothing can match up to the quaint style of seeking help of a wing-man in chasing your love interest and then asking her out on a date. This tried and tested approach is a hit among the girls and guarantees better chances of hearing a ‘Yes’ than several other modern day dating theorems.


The prototypical dating rule book says that a man should never forget the three ‘P’s’ of dating etiquette.

1) Plan :- Never forget to plan the date well ahead of the D-day and spare the woman from taking the initiative. You are the one doing the asking hence, it is your duty to come up with something she will like. If you are not aware of her likes and dislikes, don’t miss out on the opportunity to get the hint or even better, ask her directly. A woman likes being with a man that has a plan. It makes her feel that she can relax and really enjoy herself.

Plan.jpg2) Pick :- ‘A gentleman never keeps a lady waiting.’ Always and I repeat ‘Always’ be on time. Get out of the car, walk to the door and ring the bell. It has become far to common for a person to text or honk, informing the lady that he is waiting for her outside. Most of you do not realize that 30 seconds worth of extra effort in walking up to her apartment can make such a difference and leave a lasting impression.


3. Pay :- This rule might sound absurd in the 21st century where some women will resent the notion that they need to be paid for on a date. However, most of them expect you to pay for most parts of the first one and being a gentleman, you would never want money to be an object of hindrance on your special day. Assume that you have to pay and if she insists on splitting the bill even after you have declined the offer once, then let her. Simple!


Apart from the three must do’s, you should also remember to –

  • Never go empty hand :- It is always a nice gesture to take some flowers or chocolates as a token of affection.
  • Turn the cell phone off :- Being interrupted with regular messages or phone calls can be a real turn-off for both of you.
  • Open the car door for your date :- This one will definitely grab her attention.
  • Make them the priority :- Give her all the attention for the day and she will never fail to acknowledge the effort.
  • Be yourself :- Don’t pretend! Be who you really are and win her over!

Follow the quintessential norms of dating and woo the girl of your dreams in style. If you like the idea, don’t forget to share it with your friends and family. Sharing is caring. You never know, one of them might have a date round the corner.

Wishing you luck


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